Arif Mardin Discography'si - 2003-04-26

Sanatçının yapımcılığını üstlendiği albümlerin listesi:

Charles Lloyd-“Dream Weaver”

Sonny Stitt-“Stitt Plays Bird” (with Ahmet Ertegun and John Lewis)

Max Roach-“Drums Unlimited” (with Tom Dowd)

Eddie Harris and Les McCann-“Second Movement”

Eddie Harris-“Listen Here”

Freddie Hubbard-“Backlash”

Herbie Mann-“Push Push”

The Young Rascals-“The Young Rascals” (with the Young Rascals and Tom Dowd)

The Young Rascals-“Good Lovin’” #1 Billboard Single

The Young Rascals-“Groovin’” (with The Young Rascals and Tom Dowd)

The Young Rascals-“How Can I Be Sure” #2 Billboard Single

King Curtis-“Sweet Soul” (with King Curtis)

Dusty Springfield-“Dusty In Memphis” (with Tom Dowd and Jerry Wexler)

The Young Rascals-“Once Upon A Dream” (with The Young Rascals)

Cher (with Tom Dowd and Jerry Wexler)

Arif Mardin-“Glass Onion”

The Young Rascals-“Freedom Suite” (with The Young Rascals)

The Young Rascals-“People Got To Be Free” #4 Billboard Single

The Young Rascals-“See”

Brook Benton-“Today”

Brook Benton-“Rainy Night In Georgia” #4 Billboard Single

Brook Benton-“Home Style”

Donny Hathaway-“Donny Hathaway”

LuLu (with Tom Dowd and Jerry Wexler)

Laura Nyro-“Christmas & The Beads Of Sweat” (with Felix Cavaliere)

Brook Benton-“The Gospel Truth”

King Curtis-“Live At The Fillmore West” (with Jerry Wexler)

Aretha Franklin-“Live At The Fillmore” (with Jerry Wexler)

Aretha Franklin-“Spanish Harlem” #2 Billboard Single

Aretha Franklin-“Bridge Over Troubled Water” (with Wexler and Dowd) #6 BB Single

John Prine-“John Prine”

The Young Rascals-“Search & Nearness” (with The Young Rascals)

Jackie DeShannon-“Jackie” (with Tom Dowd)

Roberta Flack-“Roberta Flack and Donny Hathaway” (with Joel Dorn)

Roberta Flack-“Where Is The Love” (Billboard Single)

Aretha Franklin-“Young, Gifted And Black” (with Tom Dowd and Jerry Wexler)

Aretha Franklin-“Day Dreaming” (with Jerry Wexler and Tom Dowd)

Aretha Franklin-“Rock Steady” (with Jerry Wexler and Tom Dowd)

Aretha Franklin-“Amazing Grace” (with Jerry Wexler)

Steve Goodman-“Somebody Else’s Troubles”

Hall And Oates-“Whole Otaes”

Gordon Haskell-“It Is And It Isn’t”

Modern Jazz Quartet-“Plastic Dreams”

Danny O’Keefe-“O’Keefe”

Danny O’Keefe-“Good Time Charlie’s Got The Blues” #9 Billboard Single

John Prine-“Diamonds In The Rough”

Hall And Oates-“Abandoned Luncheonette”

Hall And Oates-“She’s Gone” #7 Billboard Single

Donny Hathaway-“Extensions Of A Man”

Margie Joseph-“Margie Joseph”

Bette Midler-“Bette Midler” (with Barry Manilow)

Willie Nelson-“Shotgun Willie” (with David Briggs)

Danny O’Keefe-“Breezy Stories”

Doug Sahm-“Doug Sahm And Band” (with Jerry Wexler)

Average White Band-“Cut The Cake”

Average White Band-“Cut The Cake” #10 Billboard Single

Average White Band-“Average White Band”

Average White Band-“Pick Up The Pieces” #1 Billboard Single Bee Gees-“Mr. Natural”

Aretha Franklin-“With Everything I Feel In Me” (with Tom Dowd and Jerry Wexler)

Aretha Franklin-“Until You Come Back To Me” (with Dowd and Wexler) #3 BB Single

Richard Harris-“The Prophet”-Kahlil Gibran

Margie Joseph-“Sweet Surrender”

Arif Mardin-“Journey”

John Prine-“Sweet Revenge”

Bee Gees-“Main Course”

Bee Gees-“Jive Talkin’” (Billboard Single)

Bee Gees-“Nights On Broadway” #7 Billboard Single

Judy Collins-“Judith”

Judy Collins-“Send In The Clowns” Billboard Single

Judy Collins-“Bread And Roses”

Margie Joseph-“Feeling My Way”

Mama’s Pride-“Mama’s Pride”

Willie Nelson-“The Troublemaker”

Andy Pratt-“Resolution”

Ringo Starr-“Ringo’s Rotogravure”

Average White Band-“Soul Searching”

Average White Band-“Person To Person”

Average White Band and Ben E. King-“Benny And Us”

Andy Pratt-“Shiver In The Night”

Ringo Starr-“Ringo The 4th”

Saturday Night Fever Soundtrack: Bee Gees “Jive Talkin’”

Average White Band-“Warmer Communications”

Average White Band-“The Atlantic Family Live At Montreux”

Chaka Khan-“Chaka”

Chaka Khan-“I’m Every Woman” #7Billboard Single

Carly Simon-“Boys In The Trees”

Carly Simon-“You Belong To Me”


Bette Midler-“Thighs And Whispers”

Carly Simon-“Spy”

Donny Hathaway-“In Performance” (with Jerry Wexler)

Chaka Khan-“Naughty”

Aretha Franklin-“Love All The Hurt Away”

Chaka Khan-“Whatcha Gonna Do For Me”

Bugatti and Musker-“The Dukes”

Chaka Khan-“Chaka Khan”

Leo Sayer-“World Radio”

George Benson-“In Your Eyes”

Melissa Manchester-“You Should Hear How She Talks About You”

Melissa Manchester-“You Should Hear How She Talks About You” #1 Billboard Single

Leo Sayer-“Have You Ever Been In Love”

Chaka Khan-“I Feel For You”

Chaka Khan-“I Feel For You” #2 Billboard Single

The Original Soundtrack-“Against All Odds”

Theresa Bazar-“The Big Kiss”

Chaka Khan-From Miami Vice “Own The Night” (with Joe Mardin)

Junior-“Acquired Taste” (one cut)

Scritti Politti-“Cupid And Psyche 85” (3 tracks)

Culture Club-“From Luxury To Heartache” (with Lew Hahn)

Marilyn Martin-“Marilyn Martin”

Phil Collins and Marilyn Martin-“Separate Lives”

Phil Collins and Marilyn Martin-“Separate Lives” #1 Billboard Single

The Original Soundtrack-“Labyrinth” (David Bowie) 5 tracks

Howard Jones-“One To One”

Howard Jones-“You Know I Love You” #12 Billboard Single

Chaka Khan-“Destiny”

Joshua-“Jimmy Because” (12” Single)

Bee Gees-“ESP” LP

Bee Gees-“You Win Again”

EQ-“EQ” LP (several cuts with Reggie Griffin)

Miki Howard-“You’ve Changed”

Rachele Cappelli-“Rachele Cappelli” LP

Boy Meets Girl-“Reel Life” 1988

Boy Meets Girl-“Waiting For A Star To Fall” #5 Billboard Single

Bette Midler-“Beaches” 1988

Bette Midler-Wind Beneath My Wings #1 Billboard Single

Ofra Haza-Desert Wind (with Joe Mardin) 5 cuts

Dionne Warwick-Dionne Warwick Sings Cole Porter 1990

Bette Midler-Some People’s Lives 1990

Bette Midler-From A Distance #2 Billboard Single

Roberta Flack-Set The Night To Music 1991

Roberta Flack-Set The Night To Music #6 Billboard Single

Bette Midler-For The Boys 1991

Chaka Khan-The Woman I Am (with Joe Mardin)

Chaka Khan-This Time

Chaka Khan-Don’t Look At Me That Way

Freddie Jackson-Najee All I Ever Ask 1992

Aretha Franklin-Someday We’ll All Be Free-Malcolm X FilmSoundtrack

Bette Midler-Home Alone 2 Soundtrack

Bette Midler-Somewhere In My Memory (with Joe Mardin)

Irene Worth-Her Infinite Variety: The Women Of Shakespeare 1993

Robert James Waller-The Ballads Of Madison County 1993

Michael Crawford-A Touch Of Music In The Night 1993

The Mendoza/Mardin Project-Jazzpana 1993

Bette Midler-Gypsy Soundtrack 1993

Modern Jazz Quartet-MJQ & Friends (40th Anniversary Celebration) with Ahmet Ertegun

Aretha Franklin-The Makings Of You (Tribute to Curtis Mayfield)

BeBe And CeCe Winans-If Anything Happened To You

BeBe And CeCe Winans-Love Of My Life (with Joe Mardin)

Melissa Manchester-If My Heart Had Wings 1995

Manhattan Transfer-Tonin’ 1995

Manhattan Transfer-Tapestry Revisited Smackwater Jack

Smokey Joe’s Cafe-Cast Album ’95 Grammy Award For Best Musical Show Album

Bette Midler-Bette Of Roses 1995

Bette Midler-Bette Of Roses Album To Deserve You 1995

Bette Midler-Bette Of Roses Album In This Life 1995

Bette Midler-To Deserve You Dance Mix 1995

Bee Gees-Tapestry Revisited Will You Love Me Tomorrow? 1995

Aretha Franklin/BeBe And CeCe Winans-Tapestry Revisited You’ve Got A Friend Bette Midler-Diva Las Vegas HBO Special February 1997

Chaka Khan-Epiphany/Papillon, I Feel For You, I Know You, I Live You, Your Love Is All I Know, Night In Tunisia, What Cha Gonna Do For Me 1996 Bette Midler-God Help The Outcasts from Disney’s Hunchback Of Notre Dame Soundtrack 1996

Rent-Cast Album August 1996

Stevie Wonder-With The Cast Of Rent Seasons Of Love August 1996

Linda Eder-It’s Time Only Love 1997

Bee Gees-Still Waters Obsessions 1997

Regina Carter-Something For Grace Listen Here, I’ll Write A Song, Downtown Underground 1997

BeBe Winans-BeBe Winans Seeing For The Very First Time 1997

Seven Mary Three-Rock Crown Oven, Lucky, Houdini’s Angels 1997

Carly Simon-Film Noir Laura 1997

Eric Martin-I Love The Way You Love Me Mad About You Soundtrack 1997

Patti Labelle-Flame You Saved My Life, Flame, If By Chance 1997

Smashing Pumpkins’ Billy Corgan Christmastime-A Very Special Christmas III 1997


Cinderella-TV Special with Whitney Houston and Brandy November 1997

Barbra Streisand-Higher Ground I Believe You’ll Never Walk Alone, Higher Ground, The Water Is Wide/Deep River, If I Could November 1997

Why Do Fools Fall In Love?-Film Soundtrack (Frankie Lymon) September 1998

Atlantic Theatre’s The Civil War-Greenback featuring Dr. John Someday featuring Patti Labelle

Nicole Renee-Ain’t Nothings Changed 1998

Bette Midler-Bathhouse Betty Ukelele Lady, I’m Beautiful Dammit, I Sold My Heart To The Junkman, That’s How Love Moves, September 15 1998

Patti Labelle’s Live Recording of her Show for Public Television, One Night Only featuring special guests Luther Vandross and Mariah Carey (album version features Eddie and Gerald Lavert and Mariah Carey) 1998

The Atomic Fireballs-Luck Be A Lady Tonight A Frank Sinatra Tribute Double Platinum- Music for the ABC –TV Movie Starring Diana Ross and Brandy, Broadcast May 16, 1999 Somebody That Loved You Before, Love Is All That Matters

Diana Ross-Every Day Is A New Day-He Lives In You, Somebody That Loved You Before, Carry On, Love Is All That Matters May 1999

South Park-Bigger, Longer And Uncut Film Soundtrack Through The Eyes Of A Child with Michael McDonald

Barbra Streisand-A Love Like Ours Just One Lifetime, It Must Be You Jewel-Joy: A Holiday Collection

Marie Wilson-Even When I’m Sleeping from her record Real Life

Damita Haddon-The Wedding Song (with Joe Mardin) Nominated for a Dove Award in the Best Urban Category (Gospel)

Eric Clapton and BB King-Orchestral Arrangements for Let Me Love You, Come Rain or Come Shine

Oliver Darley-Released on East/West in 2002

Norah Jones-Released on Blue Note in 2002

Melissa Errico-Released On Manhattan Records in February 2003

Diane Reeves-To be released in August 2003 on BlueNote